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Hey Dolls and Gents,

Tonight, I am bringing I think the biggest launch in the beauty market right now and it was the COLOURPOP PRESSED EYESHADOW

I know, Colourpop has done no wrong, so far. They have came out with many different products such the Ultra Matte, Satin, Lipgloss, supershock shadow, brow pencils, highlighter and much more. 

They have released 20 different eyeshadows on January 13th at 10 AM PST. I know, pressed eyeshadow, what is that? Well, the name says it all. They are powdered eyeshadow pigment placed in a metal pan. These shadows are being sold for $5 each. These eyeshadows are magnetic and can be placed in refillable palette. If you buy four, you get a free refillable palette. 

Here is what the shades are like...

Photo Credit : @dupethat

I definitely going to have to get my hands on these before they sell. You guys are definitely going to need this soon.  

See you in my next post

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